Wholesale food & soft drink distributor Storage & Consolidation

At our 3 wholesale food & soft drink distributor Hubs around the UK (Aberdeen, Glasgow and Leeds) we have multi-temperature storage facilities at which we can store stock at a cost effective rate.

This makes it even easier to distribute our customer’s products to their desired location.

Having the stock at hand allows our dedicated warehouse team to pick the stock whenever it is needed, ready for onward distribution.

Businesses using the Hub’s sales service are offered a free storage allowance, which allows our partner businesses to maximise the efficiency of distribution into the Hub and onwards.




We also provide support for our supplier, retailer and 3rd party partners with our expert consolidation services


  • Over 40 suppliers, approx. 200 products (not including seasonal fruit and vegetable lines) delivered daily from held stock at The Hub
  • Distribution to all Scottish stores via our sister company Thermo Logistics
  • 5,600 average number of cases delivered (up 46% from last year)
  • 33% increase in like-for-like orders against last year
  • Consolidation of key Scottish producers
  • Orders directly via the Hub 
  • On going partnership in developing Scottish core product ranges
  • Dedicated support to drive sales


  • Consolidated delivery via our sister company Thermo Logistics to their sites across Scotland
  • Stock held in The Hub and picked directly from stock for delivery
  • 383 tonnes of food waste distributed since September 2014
  • Supporting 266 charities and community groups
  • Surplus food distributed transformed into 911,923 meals served to vulnerable


  • Sourcing of product range from Scottish producers for passengers to enjoy on board
  • Consolidation of orders directly via The Hub
  • Storage of product range in our warehouses
  • Delivery to 3 main railway stations (Edinburgh, Preston and Euston) 3 days a week


  • Over 20 suppliers, approx. 160 products
  • Deliveries via our sister company Thermo Logistics
  • Weekly deliveries UK wide
  • Consolidation of key Scottish producers
  • Consolidated ordering 
  • Orders directly via The Hub




The Co-operative Group

  • Working in partnership with Co-op to provide a consolidated Scottish Tourist range for their highly seasonal stores
  • Sourcing suppliers and products to provide a custom range to the Co-op
  • Our service includes taking orders from stores, picking stock and delivering the range to the chosen stores
  • Team on the ground to help support their needs.