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Here are our credit account terms and conditions


As a business we want to operate in an efficient, effective and profitable manner. We realise that we succeed when our customers succeed and that we can play a crucial part.

We strive to ensure that your goods are delivered in as good a condition as when they left your premises.

Accordingly, while we cover various issues in these terms and conditions to meet regulatory and legal obligations, we will always treat our personal relationship as paramount; and will always do what we can to meet your needs. 


Food and Drink Hub (Scotland) Ltd “The Hub” seeks to deliver your goods to your customers on time, every time, and in the same condition they leave your premises. Accordingly we operate:

  • 7 days per week services
  • Timed collections and deliveries
  • Tri-Temperature controlled, monitored and recorded deliveries
  • Satellite tracked vehicles equipped with hands free mobile phones
  • Uniformed drivers
  • Goods-in-Transit-Insurance in line with industry standards.
Health and Safety

Goods carried: Normally only food, drink and food safe products, such as related packaging; healthcare products etc.

The Hub does not accept dangerous or hazardous goods. 

Goods not carried:

The Hub does not transport wet fish unless via specified vehicles.

The Hub does not transport uncovered raw unprocessed and/or unpacked meats unless via specified vehicles which will only ever be used for that purpose. (I.e we do carry raw fish and raw meat products which have been packaged for retail or foodservice purposes).

Pallet safety:

The Hub only accepts pallets of less than 700kg and less than 1.7m in height, unless by prior written agreement.

Rates and charges

Because of the huge number of variables in respect of each customer’s needs, pallet-rates, case rates and delivery & collection charges tend to be unique to each situation. Accordingly, the charges which will be applied to your deliveries are those shown in your quote.

Invoices and credit terms

Invoices are issued daily and due for settlement within 14 days of the date of invoice unless specifically agreed in writing otherwise. The nature of the service is such that most of our costs (i.e. wages and fuel) have to been met weekly in arrears therefore prompt payment is essential. Any invoice queries to be made within 7 days of the invoice date. Where our Freight Forwarding Service is being utilised payment will be required in advance. We endeavour to minimise the use of paper within our business. To this end all Invoices with accompanying Proof of Delivery will be send electronically to you. Should you require “hard copy” Proof of Delivery these can be sent to you periodically by arrangement.


All payments must be made electronically: We accept electronic payment only.


Normally deposits of twice the proposed weekly invoice value are required during the first 6 months of trading.


The Hub may engage other carriers for the purposes of fulfilling any contract in whole or in part.


1. The Hub accepts only limited liability for loss of, or damage to goods whilst in its possession. As per the industry standard RHA terms, the maximum liability that The Hub will accept is £1300 per tonne (£1.30 per kilo), unless specifically agreed in writing prior to the goods being carried. If this is insufficient to cover the full value of their goods, customers are advised to arrange their own Goods in Transit Insurance.

2. The Hub holds Goods-in-transit-insurance solely to meet its own liabilities. This insurance is to a maximum of £5000 per tonne unless specifically stated otherwise for individual customers.

3. The Hub will only consider claims for losses directly relating to the cost-price value of the goods in question.

4. The Hub does not accept responsibility for consequential loss, including loss of profit.

5. Customers undertake to provide all reasonable assistance in substantiating any claims that result in claims being made to The Hub insurers. Customers will not withhold payments in lieu of claims and customers will receive payment only when such funds are agreed and released by The Hub insurers.

6. These conditions do not form a policy of insurance and The Hub does not use the above to provide insurance for the benefit of its customers or any owners of goods carried.

7. Where a customer does not have their own goods-in transit-insurance in place, The Hub can obtain goods-in transit-insurance cover for specific customer’s goods at the customer’s request. It will be for the customer to accept and pay for such cover.

Pallet management

Pallets are strictly one way and we do not manage or return pallets.

Refused goods

Where goods are refused, The Hub will contact the sender for their further instructions. Returned goods are liable to incur additional carriage charges.