August: Delicious Dairy Month

July 27, 2015

Scotland’s Year of Food and Drink is in place to highlight and promote Scotland’s abundant, quality produce to our people and visitors.

In order to highlight specific areas for seasonal, industry development, provenance and reputation, each month this year has had its own dedicated food theme. Previous monthly themes include: The Food of Love in Feburary, Brewing & Distilling in March, and July’s theme was Summer Berries and Fruits.

Moving onto August’s food theme, we are now celebrating Delicious Dairy.

This food theme is in place to celebrate Scotland’s extensive selection of ice-cream, yoghurt, cream, milk and cheese in order to appreciate the quality we can find right on our door steps. 

Scotland is well equipped for dairy farming and we have a long tradition of it with some of the most efficient farmers in Europe.

However, the bad news is due to the difficulty of the industry, there are only 1000 dairy farmers left in Scotland; a number significantly less than that 40 years ago. 

That being said, Scotland is producing 1 billion litres of milk every year! 

Whilst we move into a new phase of dairy exports for Scottish dairy products, we need to celebrate at home the extend of produce we have. So, Scotland Food and Drink bring you delicious dairy month to celebrate just that and acknowledge and appreciate the extreme hard work our farmers are doing. 

We will be creating multiple recipes using our Dairy supplier's products, which are all available in our online shop

Why not share with us your favourite dairy recipe, or Scottish dairy product?


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