Our Clients - food services companies

National U.K. Wide Premium Supermarket

Our relationship began with this retailer in 2012.

The Hub offers a distribution solution for the retailers’ Scottish branches. Branches are able to order Scottish regional lines via the Hub with deliveries daily.

This has seen an improvement on availability on these lines and means that there is one delivery of consolidated local producers instead of many deliveries going to each branch.

Our on-going partnership also includes support and advice on regional ranging and sourcing local producers. We also advise on planning an impactful promotional calendar.


National U.K Wide Convenience Retailer

Our relationship began with this retailer in 2015.

The Hub has worked with this retailer to develop a bespoke range of seasonal tourist products from a large number of suppliers. We consolidate these at the Hub and deliver direct to the stores required providing an end to end solution.

We are now working in partnership with this retailer on other sourcing, consolidation & supply projects.

National U.K. Wide Garden Centre Group

Our relationship began with this group in 2013.

The Hub acts as a distribution solution for stores U.K. wide delivering food products across many categories. We consolidate key Scottish producers for deliveries and also operate on a one order, one delivery and one signature basis.

The Hub has been flexible to the needs of their business, being able to offer seasonal products to these stores at their request.

As part of this relationship we offer buying support and advice on ranging and sourcing to improve and enhance their challenging ranges both regionally and nationally.


 National U.K Wide Food Service Operator 

Our relationship with this group began in 2015.

The Hub is working with this company to develop a unique range of Scottish products from a number of small Scottish suppliers to be offered on board one of their transport services.

The orders for the company are consolidated at The Hub and delivered directly into the service stations, providing an end to end service for the client.